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The Media

What a week! October is Domestic Abuse Awareness Month. It’s also Breast Cancer Awareness month, so please check your boobs/moobs!

I sent a message to my man, Keith, at Highlights PR to let him know we had an opportunity to share. The next thing, I had a local radio station contact me. Then a local TV station. Then a question from the national press. Then another local radio station, and then (wow! the Holy Grail) the BBC were on the phone! A big “Thank you” to Keith!

It is quite a challenge for an introvert to do “the meeeja”. So, I put on my big girls pants and got to it!

You can see the BBC North East and Cumbria clip on my Facebook and Instagram profiles. The link is at the top of the page.

The government (be kind Rie! It’s problematic!) has announced a £25m initiative to “make the streets safer”. £25m is 0.116% of the total spent annually on policing. So, is that enough?

I would like to point out the obvious – The Streets don’t assault people. The Streets don’t rape people. The Streets don’t murder people. Mostly, it’s men who are responsible for those things.

We don’t need new lights. We need enlightenment.

We need a systematic approach to eradicating misogyny, starting in schools.

My Plan is to write lesson plans for teachers to deliver to Years 9 and 10. They will include Respect, Self Esteem, Abuse, Empathy and Kindness. We need to teach our children how to behave towards each other and what is acceptable and not acceptable.

So, Prime Minister, if you could give us that £25m, we know exactly what to do with it. And we won’t need to cut down a single hedge.

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