Be Kind. No Excuses.

Be Kind. No Excuses.

A guide for teenage girls in new relationships…

What to accept and what not to accept in an intimate relationship.

How to stay safe. A truthful, open, and honest guide for teenage girls.

The UN office on Drugs and Crime reported in 2019 that globally,

more than 30,000 women were murdered by their partner or former partner.

So, at least 82 per day!

Let’s learn how to avoid abusers and being dead….

Book a free 1 to 1 discovery call with me to see how I can help.

As well as my book, I offer a range of training for teenagers and parents of teenagers to help avoid abusers. Click the button below to book a free discovery call to see how I can help. 

Be Kind. No Excuses Learning and Support Packages

For parents of teenagers in intimate partner relationships

Following the huge success of Be Kind. No Excuses – a guide for teenage girls in new relationships, we have created a range of workshop packages for parents who would like to understand the dangers of potential abuse or who may be worried about a teenager in a new or existing relationship .  Please see below for options:

Before you choose, please book a 20 minute discovery call with Rie or one of her team by clicking the button below:

Please bear with us whilst we update our links 

Be Kind. No Excuses Bronze:

Pick your workshop – you can pick any one workshop and pay for it individually. Please identify which workshop you would like when you order. 

Investment: £49.00

Be Kind. No Excuses Silver:

Get all 8 workshops is the series giving you a wealth of knowledge and support.

Investment: £349.00 

Be Kind. No Excuses Gold:

Get all 8 workshops PLUS a one hour group video call via zoom.

Investment: £449.00

Be kind. No Excuses Platinum:

Get 8 workshops, PLUS a one hour group video call via zoom and a 1 to 1 zoom call with Rie 

Investment: £649.00

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