You’re Meant to Kick the Ball…

Once upon a time, long ago (2004 actually) I was working at Police Headquarters and spent much of my time crunching numbers and analysing domestic abuse stats. – well, the reported incidents. Most incidents go unreported!

As you can imagine, weekday calls are lower than weekend calls. I imagine that the inclusion of weekend alcohol consumption and not having to go to work for a couple of days adds to the inclination of abusers to abuse, but to be fair, I’ve never asked them!

In 2004, the Football European Cup was played in the summer. Fifty countries playing “the beautiful game”. So, we had a month of footie on the box, relentlessly. Which is fine, if you love football!

One day, mid week, England were playing Portugal, and England lost on penalties. I got to work the following morning and had to collate the stats for the boss’s meeting. The DV incident statistics had gone through the roof. More than double what they had been the previous Friday!

What does that tell us?

It tells us that abusers will use any reason to abuse.

A study* published in 2013 found an increase in incidents by 26% when England drew or won, and a 38% increase if they lost.

What is this? For victims, it’s a Lose/Lose situation simply because England are playing. How insane is that?

If this is the trend across the planet, where televised football reaches pretty much everyone, what are the actual figures? Harrowing.

The football World Cup kicks of on 20th November 2022. I sure hope the police have brought in extra resources. Oh no, of course not! In the UK alone, we are 20,000 cops short of a full team.

Who do you know who this will affect? Please be there for them.


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